Paid surveys incentives!

paid surveysWant to earn some quick cash? There are a large number of online paid surveys available on various websites these days which are an easy, fun and fast way to make some extra bucks. Paid surveys require you to express your views on the products and services that are used by people on an ever day basis. Whether you are at home or office, you can take up these surveys at ease; they take 10-20 minutes time on an average. All that you need to do is give an honest opinion and simply answer a set of questions provided by the companies.

You might be wondering why anyone would pay you to take up a survey. There is an organized system behind this task. Top end companies and businesses want to understand how consumers use their products. Basic information on the consumers such as what they use, how they use it, how much they use it, what are their needs, etc are invaluable to the companies for developmental and marketing purposes. The data helps them shape their products. In most cases these manufacturers approach market research organizations to conduct these paid surveys for them rather than doing it themselves as it proves to be more cost effective and beneficiary. These market research firms have a database containing huge lists of people and their basic demographics. When a client requests them to conduct a survey on one or more of their products, they use sophisticated software to search for suitable profiles from the database for the questionnaire. The companies pay these firms, which in turn pay you a percentage of that money for your participation in the paid surveys.

What are these paid surveys about?

The paid surveys can be about anything that you can think of but generally concern products and services used by customers on a regular basis. You may be asked about to review a new movie, what kind of restaurants you frequent, what toothpaste you use, what you had for dinner last night, anything under the sun! From household appliances to barbeque grills to vacation spots, you just have to provide your opinion. Most of these surveys are short and very interesting. Websites for specific age groups, professions, hobbies and interests are available. You just need to sign up for the appropriate program.

How much do the paid surveys pay?

The payment you receive for conducting these paid surveys varies from company to company and sometimes also from survey to survey. Some pay you anything between $1 to $10 dollars per survey undertaken, some pay you on weekly or monthly basis, and some others have reward points system wherein accumulated points can be redeemed as cash. Still others offer incentives of the following forms: gift certificates, merchandize and charity donations. Some of the survey sites even require you to pay an initial amount while you sign up. The only concern is the legitimacy of these sites and one should be extra careful and register for only the authentic ones. These paid surveys wont make you filthy rich, may not even account to a full time salary buy you can get a decent amount of extra money and/or merchandise through these paid surveys.

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